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Covid-19 and the Landscaping industry

What does Coronavirus mean for the Landscaping industry?

 From everyone at the David Massey team, we would like to put this information out for our lovely customers to show you that we are adhering to the rules in regard to COVID-19. We would just like to take this opportunity to speak about the safety measures we are participating in and how we are making changes as a business to make sure that not only all our staff are safe and healthy, but also so that all of our customers are too. Of course, both the office staff and staff on site are urged to stay off work if they are sick or are showing any symptoms, as this goes without saying.

 Office environment –

 Social distancing;

Even though our office team is smaller than most, we are making a conscious effort to keep our distance in our office. When everyone is in the office there are still only 5 of us, so keeping a distance between our desks and moving around the room is easier to stick to. When moving around the office block – as there are other businesses that have returned to work in the last month or so – there have been 6ft/2m markers placed on the floor to give an indicator of how much distance to keep when moving around the building. The toilets provided have clear occupied and vacant signs to make sure that only one person can access the toilet at one time.  All staff have masks in their possessions for preparation of visitors in the office, which we are keeping to a minimum as much as we can.


Hand sanitiser is available on entry of the office building and each member of staff has been provided with hand sanitiser to use at their desks. As a company we encourage daily cleaning of monitors, keyboards, mouses, phones etc, however we are making an effort to not share office equipment as much as we can, with exception to the phone which cannot be helped.


Working from home;

This is a new option that we are looking into as a business, as we have a couple of members of staff from the office that are from Leeds so travelling to and from is not classed as essential if you can work from home, which if you follow the most recent news about Coronavirus has a national lockdown which encourages working from home as much as possible. This is easier in some job roles such as our apprentice business marketer (myself) as my research, classes and apprenticeship tasks are all online and can be completed from home. Full time garden designer Alex is in another role in the business that can complete a lot of his work from home also.

However, in some job roles this is just not a possibility due to tasks such as site visits, site surveys, landscaping garden work and project managers visiting and checking up on work whilst liaising with clients.

When the opportunity arises with new customers and enquiries, we are trying to complete more of the process of hearing all about your garden plans and assisting you with design enquiries through initial phone calls, zoom calls and then moving onto socially distanced site visits once the majority of the information has been reviewed .

 On the work site –

 Although this is more complicated than in the office environment, we are still making changes to protect you, the customer. All staff on site are encouraged to stay home if they are unwell or are showing any symptoms. Our landscapers and team leaders are equipped with masks and hand sanitiser for use whilst speaking with customers. We are also trialing video calls with on site staff back to various office staff and project managers, to show progress of jobs and ask questions, as well as messaging and phone calls. This has helped to keep the number of staff on site within gardens down so that we can stick to socially distancing and one-way systems around the garden.

When starting garden work, we ask customers whether they would be more comfortable with a portaloo on site so that our workers do not have to enter your house, this helps with hygiene, socially distancing and keeping our clients and staff safe and healthy.

 From everyone at the David Massey team, we hope you stay safe during this time. We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your ongoing business! If you have any more queries about anything above, don’t hesitate to call 01423 862579 🙂