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Mow your way to a better lawn

  • Mow at least once a week between April and September – twice a week if you have the time and inclination in Spring, and in damp weather during Summer, when the grass is growing rapidly.
  • Always remove the clippings. Leaving them on does little to prevent the lawn from drying out and it just means that you’ll be forever messing up the carpets in the house with bits of grass.
  • Mix the clippings with other green waste in the compost heap – it will go brown and slimy if composted alone.
  • Don’t be afraid to mow in winter when the weather is mild, and the grass is growing. Just make sure that you’re not cutting as close as in summer – leave about 4cm of grass, rather than the 1 – 3cm you should aim for in Spring and Summer.
  • Don’t imagine that cutting the grass shorter will make it grow more slowly; you’ll just create a scalped and patchy finish that is less resistant to drought.
  • In hot, dry weather, raise the height of cut to about 5cm. Only in such circumstances – when growth has almost stopped; should you mow fortnightly, to be kinder to your lawn.
  • Edge the lawn once a week for a crisp appearance.
  • Make sure your mower blade is sharp. It will produce a much better finish and will also save you time and effort in getting the best results.
  • Only a large rear roller will make stripes; smaller side wheels won’t.