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Planning your outdoor space

Good questions to ask when planning your outdoor space are;

What do you want?

Sometimes it can feel a bit bewildering, but try to think realistically about how much time you are prepared to give to maintaining your garden. If time is a factor then hard landscaping and low maintenance plants will be the way to go.

Perhaps you need to make the garden more child friendly, or long for fresh home grown produce from a vegetable patch. Either way, a bit of time planning and working out exactly what you want will pay dividends in the future.

What have you got?

The space you have will determine the various elements you can incorporate, but that’s not to say things are impossible just some things are not practical at times. You cannot change the site aspect, so noticing where the sun falls and which area catches the most sun is important for planning seating areas, patios etc. Soil type, if you are on a clay soil site then unless you are prepared to excavate and remove large quantities of soil, and replenish with topsoil then it is best to work with what you’ve got. There are many species of plants that will thrive in clay soil, and although hard work it can be very fertile.

What’s your style?

Formal, Contemporary, Romantic cottage garden or may be a bit on the wild side? A garden should reflect its owner’s personality, a style or look can be created through planting and clever use of materials. Look through garden books and magazines to get an idea of the style of garden that appeals to you