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Collingham Garden Landscape

A place to catch the sun

This stunning contemporary garden landscape, designed by Lynne Murtha, is set on the outskirts of Collingham, West Yorkshire.

The garden attached to the relatively new property, was fairly non-descript with a basic patio and sloped lawn. Lynne Murtha's design overcame the sloping aspect and split the garden into two levels. The lower level adjacent to the house was to be paved, creating a great outdoor seating area, with a stunning deep "rill" water feature running the length of the property.

Paving stones set into the water feature lead you to a wide set of steps that take you to the upper level of the garden, levelled out to create a smooth lawn area and raised patio to catch the evening sun.

The look was created using the light-coloured paving "New York" sawn sandstone, smooth finish render for the walls and a stainless steel "blade" water spout - feeding into the rill.

The design transformed the garden from a plain lawn and patio, to a fabulous contemporary area for entertaining and relaxing.

Here's the garden at the beginning of the project:

The Construction Stage

The Final Garden

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