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So what exactly do Garden Landscapers do?

So what exactly do landscapers do?

Landscape contractors do the physical creation of a garden, and what we call the ‘hard features’. Depending on the skills and range of the team, they will do construction, lawns, border layout and preparation and – if they’re also experienced at it – planting.  Here at David Massey Garden Construction we can provide all of these services, as well as a design service should you require this.

Here are some areas that you might consider asking us to help with:

  • Patios and paths– choose your style and tell them what you want. For example, note that you’ll need a different spec for cars than pedestrian
  • Fences and gates– pay for the best you can afford. Keep it simple and solid, and consistent with your architecture or neighbourhood. Use traditional materials and styles or, if you want to be different, think about how it will look with your house.
  • Walls, terraces and brickwork features– a skilled job, and near old buildings must be ‘in keeping’
  • Decking, gazebos, sheds and pergolas– again, paying for the best you can afford matters. Any timber needs to last, so hardwood is best. If you buy softwood, it must be pre-treated and continually maintained.
  • Lawns– new lawns, seeded or turf on a fine grade topsoil. Drainage may be required, but experience shows that a slight fall to a border or single gravel French drain is best.
  • Border preparation– any border can be started by simply mulching the surface and planting through the mulch.
  • Planting– only a trained gardener will plant really well, so ensure they are. Agree aftercare responsibilities and failure rates. (note – if your landscapers are primarily wall, fence and shed builders, then engage a separate experienced gardener to do the planting. A good landscaping company will be clear about what their expertise is, so don’t think less of them if they don’t plant).
  • Irrigation– there are many automated options, but having tried them you cannot beat a hose and sprinkler if required. Professional ones are hard to beat, but ensure you have several convenient taps installed.
  • Lighting– very popular, and a territory of landscapers certainly. It’s worth researching what you want first.  We can recommend an electrician to discuss your lighting needs if this features in your project.
  • Futureproofing– technology and requirements move fast, so if you have electrics fitted then have ducting put in in several places. This allows cables to be replaced or upgraded with digging. Outdoor WiFi is also worth thinking about.